"Koalas can't save people's lives!"
―Grumpy to Nutsy[src]

A Koala Can Save Someone's Life is the fourth episode of The Thomas Simpson Show, and the fourth episode of Season One.


The plot for this episode is unknown.




  • Thomas Muller as The Characters
  • Keith Wickham as James (Stock Audio)
  • Scott McNeil as Grumpy (Stock Audio)
  • Mark Oliver as Grizzle (Stock Audio)
  • Robyn Moore as Nutsy (Stock Audio)


  • The first episode to have at least two songs in it.
  • Stock footage is used from King of the Railway for transitions and the "Working Together" scene.
  • Stock audio From King of the Railway, Heatwave and Ice Creamed are used.


  • At the start of the second half of the episode, Thomas & Friends audio goes over Trueheart's sentence. the same mistake occurred to Thomas in Thomas' Old Girlfriend.


A Koala Can Save Someone's Life-011:36

A Koala Can Save Someone's Life-0

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