Belly Badges are the symbols on the Care Bears' bellies.


A Belly Badge is a magic symbol on the white spot on the Care Bears' belly. They can do a lot of things, but most often a Care Bear Stare.

List of Belly Badges

  • Share - Two lollipops shaped as a X.
  • Funshine - A smiling sun.
  • Cheer - A Rainbow.
  • Grumpy - A storm cloud with heart raindrops.
  • Wish - A gold shooting star.
  • Trueheart - A pink heart surrounded by triangles that make up a star.
  • Tenderheart - A red heart.
  • Love-A-Lot - A dark pink heart next to a light pink heart.
  • Harmony - A flower with multi-colored petals.
  • Superstar - A pink star with an orange heart inside.
  • Friend - Two magenta flowers.
  • Best Friend - A rainbow with a heart and a star.
  • Laugh-A-Lot - A smiling star surrounded by hearts.
  • Bedtime - A blue moon.
  • Surprise - A jack in the box.
  • Heartsong - a Multicolored music note surround by hearts.
  • Sweet Dreams - a pink moon surround by clouds
  • Shine Bright - Yellow rising sun inside a purple heart
  • Hopeful Heart - Pink heart surrounded by multicolored rays of light


  • Oopsy is the only Care Bear that doesn't have a belly badge. Instead, he draws on his own, a smiling shooting star holding a red heart.

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