"Maybe you should show Gordon that your the best engine too."

"James Coming Through!" is the second episode of Season One, and second episode overall in The Thomas Simpson Show.


The plot for this episode is unknown.




  • Thomas Muller as The Characters
  • Dan Castellaneta as Homer (Singing)


  • The title is based off of Gordon's catchphrase "Express Coming Through!"
  • This episode reveals Thomas's ringtone — Thomas The Tank Engine's theme.
  • The events of the episode are later referenced in The Tram Engine Who Could
  • The Simpsons Episode Homer The Great is mentioned by Thomas


  • When Gordon says "Ha, you two could never do that," a large gap is left after his sentence.
  • A gap is shown after the title card in the intro.
  • When Bert says "they're common around here!" his sentence is quiet.


James Coming Through!12:32

James Coming Through!

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