"But just know this: MIND MY PAINTWORK!"

James is a vain tender engine.


James is a splendid red engine, he is the number five for The North Western railway. James loves his paintwork and showing off. His best friend is Edward and his mortal enemy is John. He is the 15th ranking character.


James is very proud of his splendid red paintwork. He hates pulling trucks and believes that he should only pull coaches, over time has gotten use to trucks. He thinks himself superior to the others and can be shallow, boastful, naughty and vain, particularly to those who appear old-fashioned, weak, slow, or dirty. This has caused him to have somewhat of a rivalry with Toby. However, on a number of occasions, he has found himself in need of help from those whom he has insulted and is, in the end, apologetic. Despite everything else, James has shown a caring side, is normally hard-working and like everybody else, wants to be a responsible, reliable and really useful engine on The North Western Railway.


This characters' friends are unknown.


This characters' enemies are unknown.

Played by

  • Thomas Muller
  • Keith Wickham (Stock Audio, A Koala Can Save One's Life and The Tram Engine Who Could Only)
  • Rob Rackstraw (Stock Audio)

Songs Performed

No songs are performed by this character.


  • James has a fear of clowns, he is one of three characters that are scared of them, the others are Star and Henry.
  • James has blue lining instead of black like in The Railway Series.


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