"Just One Wish And Dreams Come True" is the 3rd episode of Season Two and the 16th episode overall of The Thomas Simpson Show.


The characters are introduced to Wish Bear who starts granting everyone's wishes. The Prince sees this and decides to kidnap Wish to grant his wishes. Succeeding at this, Wish is taken to his Mansion in Evilland, and the characters go to rescue her.


After a battle with some of the characters, Thomas decides to give characters symbols. He tells them that they're like Belly Badges. Giving one to Adam Lloyd, the two of them remember his past from an alternate universe, not the Magic Dimension. Starfire helps him feel better about being in a different place as she too is from a different planet. They continue to help him follow the ways of Goodland.



No songs in this episode.


  • This episode marks the first time the characters have their special symbols.
  • The first appearance of Adam Lloyd and Wish Bear.
  • The acting debut of Noah in The Thomas Simpson Show.


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