Never Overlook A Little Engine is Song from Thomas & Friends that was first sung in Thomas' Old Girlfriend it is preformed by Rex, Mike and Bert.


Rex and Bert: Never overlook a little engine
Little ones are really useful too
Mike: We've got trucks to pull
So make 'em extra full
I've never known a job that I couldn't do
Rex(spoken): With a little help from me maybe
All: Never overlook a little engine
We can take you where you want to go
We may have tiny track
But we'll get you there and back
And hold on to your hats
We don't go slow

All: If you think that bigger's better
Then you're making a mistake
The ocean isn't wetter than a tiny little lake
A cherry might be tastier than a great big cake
And we can turn around in half the time those big guys take
Never overlook a little engine
We have set our sights upon the sky
You need a lot of puff
Bert: Being big is not enough
Mike: I've never known a job that I wouldn't try
Bert(Spoken): "Ha, ha! Me neither!"
Rex(Spoken): "Nor me!"
All: Never overlook a little engine
Bert: Like me
Mike: Like me
Rex: like me
All: Like us!


  • this is the first song sung by the small engines.

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