"Oh, God!"
―Percy's catchphrase

Percy is a cheery saddle tank engine.


Percy is a cheery engine, he works on Thomas' branch line and his main job is shunting. Percy does his work without fuss and is Thomas' best friend. He is the 12th ranking character and the number 6 of the North Western Railway.


Percy is one of the most engaging engines in the shed, with his slightly roly-poly appearance and a look of wide-eyed innocence.

He is a bit dumb, and says "dingy-fried" where anyone else would say "dignified." He is also shown to make silly mistakes, but then fix them upon realising what he has done before further damage is caused.

He is also incredibly accident-prone and holds the dubious record of the most accidents on Sodor - crashing into some buffers, falling into the sea, being pushed onto a brakevan, colliding with a cart, and being hit by a falling crate of treacle. So far, his silliest accident yet was in 2002 when he slipped on oily rails, crashed through Mr Jolly's chocolate factory and emerged covered in chocolate. Despite this, he always tries to do his best, learn from his mistakes and get his jobs done, a loyalty which Thomas as praised him for on several occasions.

Although their friendship has been turbulent at times, Thomas is generally portrayed as Percy's best friend.



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  • Percy has gone through various voice changes:
    • At the start of the series, he has a voice that matches his current U.K. voice actor: Nigel Pilkington.
    • In the episode "Anything Goes", his voice doesn't match any of his voice actors, and is identical to the voice of John.
    • In "Narrow Gague Vs Minimum Gauge," he gains a voice that matches his current US voice actor, Christopher Ragland.

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