Special Symbols are symbols that the characters give themselves or a someone has given to them.


Special symbols are like Belly Badges; they possess magic powers and can perform the Character Power.

List Of Symbols

  • Thomas Simpson - A hand high fiving a blue wheel.
  • Piggy - A gold and sliver perfume bottle.
  • Thomas The Tank Engine - a yellow number one with a red outline.
  • Homer - A pink donut with green, blue and red sprinkles.
  • Zoey - A pink flower.
  • Brian - A martini glass.
  • Francine - A gold and blue hairspray bottle.
  • Sunshine - A sliver star.
  • Nutsy - A green gum leaf.
  • Dawn - A tree with a leaf, heart and rose on it.
  • Star - A smiling star with butterfly wings.
  • Serena - A rainbow.
  • Gordon - A Yellow number 4 with a red outline.
  • Percy - A yellow number 6 with a red outline.
  • Sierra - A purple question mark.
  • Edward - A yellow number 2 with a red outline.
  • James - A yellow number 5 with a dark blue outline.
  • Henry - A yellow number 3 with a red outline
  • Rheneas - A orange-red wrench.
  • Oliver - A yellow number 11 with a red outline.
  • Toby - A yellow number 7 with a red outline.
  • Duncan - Raindrops with number 6s.
  • Donald and Douglas - A yellow number 9 with a red outline(Donald) and A yellow number 10 with a red outline(Douglas).
  • Duck - A yellow number 8 with a red outline.
  • Starfire - A Purple Heart with a lavender heart in the middle
  • Melissa - A sliver moon
  • Maddison - A x and o
  • Adam - A green Lightsaber with a star on it.
  • Brendan - A dark blue strom cloud with yellow, blue and red lightning bolts coming out.
  • Annabelle - A dark pink heart surround by pink magic.
  • Taylor - A pink heart with a orange-red star in the middle.
  • Lisa - A purple peace sign.


  • No trivia.

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