"The Australian Hybrid VS The British Hybrid" is the 4th episode of Season Two and the 17th episode of The Thomas Simpson Show.


Sick of James, John challenges him to a week of challenges and the winner will be the perment number 5 for the North Western Railway so the engines help train James so he can win, John on the other hand doesn't train and when it comes to first day John is ready with tricks up his funnel to sabortas him but James will make sure he won't win.


trying something do Nutsy, find a beauty contest (Hosted by The Powerpuff Girls), some girls tell her that she can never win to help her Nutsy finds the two fashion characters Penelope and Starfire, they kindly agree to help her but one of the girls may not be a Goodlander and could be an Evillander.




  • No trivia.


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