Thomas Muller was a human male Jedi who lived in The Puppet Saga Universe. He sacrificed his life for Kermit in 2017, shortly before the Jedi Civil War.[1]


History of this character is unknown.


Thomas Muller's personality was initially that of a regular human from Earth. He became important to the galaxy when he met Kermit, a frog from Sesamos.[2]

Later in his life, Thomas met Darth Statler and realised his history, in the form of Peter Muller, Thomas's uncle, and the Darth Homer Initiative. Finally succumbed to the dark side of the Force, Peter awoke in Thomas, changing everyone's view of the boy forever.[1]

Once Thomas regained control of his mind, he realised the destruction he had caused, and sacrificed himself for Kermit to live in his body.[1]

Despite the sacrifice, the Darth Homer persona continued to survive in the body, which lead to Noah Tolmach having to fight him.[3]

Later, Kermit was in control of Muller's body when the Jedi traveled to The Magic Dimension during the rebellion movement.[4]




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