Thomas Simpson is the team leader of The Thomas Simpson Team.

In 2017, Simpson assisted the rebellion movement along with the Jedi and the Red Aces in the Magic Dimension.[1]


Early life

At the age of 8, Thomas was sent against his will by Homer to go have fun on Halloween with the Simpsons kids. Thomas got lost from Bart and Lisa after nearly getting kidnapped. Thomas found himself at a giant chocolate factory not knowing it's the one he's afraid of, and he attempted to find someone to help him but the owner knows of his fear of the factory and tried to harm him.

Quickly, a blonde girl helped him out of the factory and away from the horrible owner and the progress Thomas gains a chocolate scar. The girl revealed that her name is Dawn and told him that she likes to keep people safe, Thomas thanked her and left but Dawn decided to go with him just to keep him safe.

Creating The Thomas Simpson Team

After turning 9, Thomas decided to make a team with the best good Characters and a land where good can live in peace. Homer, Dawn and Francine joined the team to assist Thomas, while Homer suggested that Springfield should be in the land. Thomas then travelled to the Island of Sodor to see if the engines wanted to join the team and they agreed.

Thomas then tried to think of names but couldn't think of any. Dawn suggested that he name it after himself, and James suggested that he should call the land Goodland and thought that Sodor should be in the land too. Thomas agreed to both ideas, and his job as team leader began.


Thomas is a natural leader and the perfect King of Goodland, knowledgeable of how to keep it safe from The Prince and other evil forces.

He is a social outcast, but is respected by nearly every character in The Magic Dimension, and has friends that love him like Dawn, Sierra, James, Brian and Homer.

Thomas is sweet hearted, he's always trying to be nice to anyone meets. He has a tensest to shorten characters names like Zoey as Zo, Toby as Tob and Blossom as Bloss.




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Season One

Songs Performed

No songs are performed by this character.


  • Thomas sometimes acts like Henry, which gave him the nickname "The Human Henry."
  • Thomas Simpson is named after the creator of the show, Thomas Muller, along with the surname of Homer Simpson (who also appears in the series).
  • Thomas's ringtone is Thomas The Tank Engine's theme.[2]
  • Thomas takes on the last name of his former care takers.
    • He keeps the name Piggy from Miss Piggy looking after him, Griffin after the Griffin family looking after him and Simpson after the Simpsons took care of him.
    • However, he doesn't have the last name Smith even though Francine (and sometimesStan) take care of him.


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  2. James Coming Through!

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